Stories of the South - Old Jail Macon, MS


And yet another repurposed building in Macon.....
Noxubee has had five jails in its 150 year history.  This is jail number three on Washington Street to the east of the courthouse.  It is currently the home of the Noxubee Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Authority.  It was built in 1870 by J.C. Gilmore and Logan Cline at the price of $14,640.00.  The walls are 24 inches thick made of handmade brick, mortared with white sand, and a concrete foundation.  The joists are the original 4x12 heart pine. 
It was built on the foundation of the old jail built in 1848.  There were new measures put into place after Reconstruction and the old jail did not meet these requirements so a new jail had to be built. 

Have a great day my lovelies!  It’s my birthday and I intend to have a good day come the hell or the high-water.   Until next time!        


  1. Happy birthday, then, and try to stay out of jail!

  2. Wow that is pretty cool. Our county jail in Vegas is considered old after less than 25 years. Good old history like this is hard to find in my area.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! Macon is a fairly old town being founded before the Civil War. I'm originally from an area about an hour North and have enjoyed learning about the new place I call home.


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