Thankful Mondays in November - Post 3

Today I want to say how thankful I am for my faith and a loving creator.  I'm not one to preach, or go on and on about my faith quoting scripture here and there.  (Though I can, 13 years at a private Christian school will do that to ya.  I had a prime time religious education.) 

My approach to my faith is in how I live.  I try to think about things before I do them.  Will this be helpful?  Will this be kind?  Will this lift someone up?  Is it something that Christ would want me to do?  I try to live my faith the best I can, not judge those around me, and remember to thank God in the good times and the bad. 

Do I fail?  ALL THE TIME.  Do I say things that are hurtful?  Of course.  Do I curse too much?  Probably so.  Have I gossiped?  I am woman hear me open my mouth. You get the drift. 

But, I try.  That's the important part. 

 No one is perfect, certainly not Christians, and no one has all the answers, but as long as you are striving to be a better person every day what more can anyone ask of you? 

There are several reasons I am thankful for my faith.  It gives me strength, it gives me peace, it gives me comfort, it points me in the right direction, and sometimes even gives me a kick in the seat of my pants.  My faith is the bedrock of my world.  I may be wrong, but hey I could be right and that whole heaven deal seems pretty sweet. 

Have a wonderful day my lovelies. 


  1. Faith definitely is a good thing! Even though I haven't been raised religiously I now it's very important.

  2. I was raised religiously, but I was also raised with an open mind. My parents were and are very thoughtful people who are not apt to judge you because you don't share their point of view. I'm very private when it comes to my faith, but will share upon occasion when I think appropriate. Thanks for stopping by!


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