Old Country Store Pheba, MS

Old Country Store Hickory Ridge Studio

The Old Country Store has had a couple or reincarnations over the years. I remember when I was a kid it sat on a conventional foundation, way up off the ground, and had wooden floors. My dad would stop there and buy me an orange sherbet push pop. Orange sherbet push pops were and still are a thing of profound bliss in the Mississippi summer.

When I was in junior high, the store was sold and completely remodeled. It was older than dirt and probably needed it. They completely renovated the store, put it on a slab foundation, new roof, new paint, new everything. They served burgers and fries, cold beer, and several of my friends worked there after school. It seemed to be closed the day I came through town two months ago, which I thought was odd and had to ask my dad about it. Seems like it has storm damage and had to be closed. A local logging crew has the gas tanks and pumps rented. That's Pheba, make use of everything.

The sun is shining, I've got a good cup of coffee, and my heater going.  The only thing that would make it better would be to be on a good horse covering ground in the country.  But since I can't do that, I'll try to find the bottom of my desk and make a little money. 

Have a great day my lovelies. 


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