"I'm just a simple country girl." Dolly Parton

Dolly Quote @ Hickory Ridge Studio

Good lord, don't you just love Dolly? I do and I think I always will.

My question and the thing rattling around in my brain today (poor lonesome thought up there by itself) is do you ever get intimidated by those around you?

I think to myself sometimes, I'm just a country girl. I don't have a fancy degree, unless you consider a BFA fancy. I don't have a fancy job. I don't have a fancy car. I don't really make a big impact on the world.

I'm just a simple country girl as Dolly would say.

I try to be the best daughter/wife/momma I can be. I love my horses. I love my dogs. I love most animals period. Except for snakes, no one really likes snakes they just tell themselves they do. Oh and goats. I'm not a big goat lover. I like taking pretty pictures and trying to write pretty words. I enjoy making jewelry and sewing clothes and drawing and painting and baking and cooking and just generally being creative. I also love to be outside. On a horse, in a truck, on my own two feet doesn't matter, I love being outside in God's beautiful creation.

I'm not terribly good with people, even though I work with them every day. Honestly my day job has probably done more for my people skills than anything in this world, but I'll always be awkward and fumble for words from time to time because that's just who I am.

At my heart and soul I'm a simple person - and I'm okay with that.

But, I do get intimidated from time to time. A PhD at the end of a name makes me second guess myself. It shouldn't but it does. I also am impressed with the work that some are doing and think to myself, all I know how to do is make a pretty good sweet potato pie.

Could I have done something different with my life?

Sure, everyone has basically the same opportunities. It's all in what you choose to do. Me, I'd have taken a pretty nice barrel horse over graduate school if I had been offered the choice between the two. That's just how I am. I hated school. I was good at it, made decent grades, but hated it with a passion. I like learning things, but I dislike the structure of school. Can't we just go somewhere to learn stuff without all the pressure of grades and paying piles of money? I'd sign up for that.

I enjoy the simplicity of life and hate drama. I'd rather work cows all day than go to a fancy party. I'd rather work in the garden than hobnob with heads of state.

So why do I get intimidated? If I'm okay with who I am than why do I feel like my choices are less important? Is my life worth less than someone that is out there being a beacon of change in the wilderness?

Maybe it's just me. Who knows. All I know how to do is be the person that I am, that simple country girl.

I hope you have a fantastic Thursday my loves. Be warm, be safe, and be yourself!


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