Shopping Grumblings....

sewing vs shopping hickory ridge studio

If you like to shop, leave here now.

I warn you.

Still here? Ok then, just so you know you've been warned.

I HATE to shop for clothes. Hate it with a passion. Why? Nothing readymade fits unless it has at least a small amount of stretch. This is why I love to sew. It might take me a little bit but at least my clothes fit, are made from somewhat quality material, and I know I can wash and wear them over and over without worrying are they going to fall apart if I don't hand wash the darn thing. (I have shirts I made 5 years ago and older that are still going strong!)

The other day I went to a local business down the street from work as the girls had stumbled onto a killer sale. When I say killer I mean 50% plus an additional 10% if you paid cash. So I trundled down there with $25.00 to spend and see what they had to offer.

They had the same boutique clothes that I have seen over and over. They are cute. They are, don't get me wrong but some of the material was a little...yuck. It was also narrow through the shoulders and narrow through the upper sleeve. Two places I am exceedingly not narrow and haven't been since I was a small child. Too many years of riding, bucking hay, and hauling feed around has given me some upper body muscle that some women's clothes just do not take into account. Not all women carry their weight in the front of their bodies if you know what I mean. But aside from slightly cheap fabric (I've made plenty of stuff from cheap fabric, so I'm not immune to a deal) it was just the general overall quality.

Also, there were several pieces that were very nice and I would have loved to have - if the store had them in my size. I had not paid very close attention to another shopper in the store until it was too late and saw that this very nice young lady had gathered up every adult sized piece of clothing in the store and was going in the back to try them on. By that time my lunch break was almost over and I didn't have time to see what she would put back on the hanger.

They were also expensive! With the sale they were approaching what I would be willing to pay, but dang!

my garmets hickory ridge studio
Just a few things I've made in the past

If nothing else this has given me the kick in the pants I need to spend some quality time in my sewing room. I have yards and yards of stuff that I bought last year and when Allie started walking it was Katie Bar the Door! Allie cannot be in the sewing room with me as she seems to get into anything and everything she can get her little paws on. But, there is that small amount of time between her bedtime and my bedtime and I am going to have to start making the best of it. Last night I was very proud of myself and got back in my guest/sewing room and actually hemmed a skirt! It's probably the first sewing I've done since before Thanksgiving. Ugh.

If nothing else, shopping puts me in a sewing mood. How about you?


  1. I have been known to dispose of a perfectly good blouse because a button came off. But I hate shopping for clothes, too, which is probably why my wardrobe consists of turtlenecks, cord skirts and tights in the winter, and tank tops and long skirts in the summer.

  2. My everyday wardrobe is Black or Grey dresspants and some sort of "professional" blouse/top combo with lots of accessories. I work in an insurance office during the week and at least attempt to dress professionally even though my hair is usually a hot mess. LOL. Professional attire these days is really lacking and even harder to find or afford. But then again, when most people can't be bothered to change out of their pajamas to go to the grocery store I guess black dress pants is reallllly fancy and should be priced accordingly.


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