Updated Recipe Page

Yall.  (Said with emphasis and just a touch of fluster.)

After the teeth pulling of editing yesterday's post and then the added joy of updating my recipes page last night (oh the code!  the code!) I'm taking a well deserved break today from blogging.

Not to mention it's colder than _____ (insert witty comparison here) and my brain is frozen.  I'm just gonna step away from blogger today and I'll see you tomorrow. 

For now, go bask in the warm glow of my updated recipes page, (link at the top of the page), and let me know what you think. 

There is a darn good reason I didn't go into computer science.  Editing code makes me want to smash my finger with a hammer. 
Happy snowy Tuesday my lovelies!
P.S.  I'm sorry for the overall abuse of parenthesis in this post.  It makes me giggle. 
That would be the effect of my trying to code last night. 


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