A Week of Recipes - Super Bowl Party Food

I love a crockpot.  I own two already and keep eyeballing one of the new ones with a timer.  A timer!  Gotta love technology.  Today I’ve got three easy peasy crockpot dishes for you.  One is a little more labor intensive but the result is well worth it.  The other two will fill your belly with little to no effort from you.

My No Fail Chili recipe never lets me down.  I make it with ground deer, beef, or turkey and it never disappoints.  Eat it on its own with lots of delicious toppings like green onions, cheese, sour cream, etc.  Pour it over hot dogs to make delicious chili dogs, or with corn chips for an out of this world frito chili pie.  It might not be healthy but life is short. You gotta live it up every once in awhile right?  

This recipe is all over the internet for good reason.  It’s literally a dump and go dish that produces a super result for little effort.  Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Chicken is made with Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce. It's sweet and sour and delicious. Shredded and served on a bun for a super easy sandwich or in a tortilla with a little cabbage on top - adding something green makes it healthy.  

Last is a recipe I recently shared for Brunswick Stew. It's probably requires the most work and the most ingredients but man can you feed a crowd with this! Fix a pan of corn bread and they probably won't want anything else.

Tomorrow I’ll share a few sides recipes with you to round out your meal.  Come on back!


  1. I have 2 crock pots - one with the timer/warm feature. I highly recommend having one. Only problem is that I still can't use it during the week because I'm gone too long. It's great!

  2. Crockpots require too much advance planning for me! LOL


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