It's Tuesday at least for a little while longer.....

It's Tuesday and I can say I've had a much better start to the week.  I think I might have my laptop going again.  New Anti-virus - yea for computer literate friends!  Avast free anti-virus for the win!  McAffee is gone, and I think that's what's been causing problems with the darn computer all along.

I've got google drive downloaded so if I happen to type up something on my lunch break it's easy peasy to pull it up once I get home and do a final edit, plus it's a good way to backup my pictures.

Monday night I was pretty wiped out and hurting after my moment of grace at the water department.  I'll spare you the picture but it was raining and the sidewalk was slick.  I turned to say hello to the other lady pulling up to pay her bill and somehow my feet flew out from under me, I hit my left knee hard enough to peel the skin off, and caught myself about 4 inches before I took a facer into the sidewalk.  The banged up knee I can hide, a busted nose or chipped tooth not so much.  Poor Allie asked as I okay and then let me know I needed to be more careful.  I certainly do.  Darn flat ground.  It's just a little more than even my advanced cat like reflexes can handle.

Tonight the hubby had gotten home from Indiana and the ice and snow of his Sunday load so we cooked a little supper, did homework, and I had to do a poster for Allie tomorrow.  It's got her name, birthday, hobbies, and some other stuff like she has two dogs and likes to ride horses.  I'm not ready for this!  She's not even 4 yet and we're already doing school projects!  I had hoped I wouldn't have to do that until the fall.  Oh well.

I hope you're having a great Tuesday night!  I'm going to have one more cup of tea and call it a day.  Hopefully - pictures tomorrow!


  1. I feel your pain...slick mud had gathered on the sidewalk to my building Monday and I almost fell, wrenching the knee with the prosthesis in it during the process. Here's hoping we both have a better rest of the week!

    1. Ouch. Sorry about the knee! Hopefully it feels better.


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