Wordless Wednesday - Archer City, Tx

September 2004 Archer City,TX. Archer is where the movie The Last Picture Show was filmed and I got to watch the movie in the theater that was featured in the movie!  I went for a college photography conference and my Dad got to go with me. Such a fun trip. 

*good golly Ms. Molly I was young!*


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    1. I'll fix that up. It's only been 12 years since I've been. It was a really neat town. I'd love to go back.

    2. There is not much left these days. The theatre is just a shell.

    3. We had dinner in it one night during the conference and they just projected the movie on the wall. It was still a pretty neat experience. The book stores were the best though. I just wish I would have bought something. But I did take a ton of pictures.


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