A Short Video From Sunday

I'm definitely no videographer but I do love fiddling with my iphone videos just like everyone else.  I took a few quick clips the other day while I was riding. 

The weather Sunday was beautiful, sunny, high 70's.  Absolutely gorgeous and I wish I could have spent all day in the saddle. 

Then Monday dawned cold, rainy, gloomy, and icy in the northern part of the state.  Mississippi springs gotta love 'em. 

Hope you had a great Tuesday my lovelies!


A Beautiful Day For A Ride from HickoryRidgeStudio on Vimeo.


  1. Now that is some serious saddle leather sound! Amazing how it brought back memories.

    1. It definitely needs oil and no matter how much baby powder I squirt up in the fenders it still squeaks!

    2. Oh, I loved the sound! The sound of the leather creaking, and the smell of the leather against the horse's flesh, are amazing to me. One of my favorite wine noses is called "sweaty saddle."


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