Link up Monday

I haven't done a Link up Monday in a while so here we go:

1.  Go check out THIS post on Robin's Chicks.  She's talking about supporting artists and how yucky the necessary evil of self promotion is.  My thoughts exactly.

2.  I also really like THIS post from Elizabeth at Delightfully Tacky.  I've never heard of a "Neo-Hippy" but maybe that's where I've been headed in life lately.  I've never been crazy about chemicals and after having Allie I look for more natural ways to clean and cook.  She also talks about finding her next jumping off point in life.  That's definitely a place I'm at myself.  Her wardrobe is also something I would steal in a heartbeat.

3.  I found two new blogs last week that were just fascinating.  The first is Day by Day written by Natasha.  Just go read, you won't be disappointed.  The second is Accordion to Kellie.  Both live in Idaho and were home-schooled and they share several of my interests.  They are cute as they can be and reading about their lives in Idaho is lovely.

4.  A definite weekly read for me is Preservation in Mississippi.  I was included in a post on what was going on Around the Mississippi Blogosphere.  So excited about that.  There are links to my post on my father in law's store and the Savannah Missionary Baptist Church.  Thanks yall!

5.  Last, I've been reading Beauty Everyday for a little while now and it's a little slice of simple wonderfulness every time it pops up in my feed.

I hope you're off to a great Monday my loves.  I'm running on caffeine and about three hours of sleep. I'm that kind of tired that makes you head hurt but I'm going to push on.  Little girls waking up at 3:00 a.m. and then having to sleep in the recliner with them does not make for a well rested mamma.

Oh and we had to take a group office picture this morning, just when I'm looking my best of course.  My pants are a little too short, my make up look is what I call natural nonexistent, and I'm sure I looked just fierce.  Oh well.

Have a great day my lovelies!  



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