Friday Night Football

I am not a football person. Ok? Ok. I was not raised in a football family, my dad could care less, my mom is not a fan, I never cheered in school, and so I have never developed a passion for football. (And a little secret between you and me, I probably never will.)

So sue me, I'm apparently not very "Southern." At least according to some people. My husband on the other hand is a huge fan, played in high school, and lives for football season. He knows exactly how everyone is going to run just by how they set up on the field. If flummoxes me. 
But, I do love my friends and one of my friends has a son that is playing this year. He plays for Central Academy the private school in Macon where I live. He's a good kid and I thought I would go and hang out Friday night, talk, and take a few pictures.

And eat. The concession stand chicken strips were pretty good. Allie agreed.

Central travels this Friday to Rebul Academy in Learned, Mississippi. Good luck guys!

Also good luck this season to my alma mater Hebron Christian School at Pheba. They look like they have a free Friday night this week but will be back in action next week against Delta Academy in Marks, MS.



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