Stories of the South - Pounds Home - Houston, MS

This is the home my mother grew up in that my grandfather paid for while he was in CCC (the Civilian Conservation Corps a public work program that was started during the Depression) and WWII. It looks a lot different than it did when I was growing up as no one has lived in the home for years. I can still see it though as it was. Antique tea roses blooming in the front, red porch swing on the right side of the porch, pink crinum lilies blooming under the brick work of the flower house (left side of the porch), and always my grandmother had several bird feeders and humming bird feeders to watch during the day when she was home.

I'd love to know when the home was originally built. The cross members under the original part of the home are hand hewn with an axe or hatchet. How do I know this? I helped with a plumbing project once and got to see the underside of the home in all its splendor. It has ten foot ceilings and tall windows that go along with a home that was probably built before the turn of the last century. I also know the home originally did not have an indoor bathroom as my grandfather added that when he added onto the house.

I grew up with my cousins in this house, my mom's brother lives right down the road and I spent just about every Saturday playing with them and trying to keep up as they are a few years older than me. It won't be here forever, but I will have the memories forever. And thank goodness for that.

Have a great weekend my lovelies! I'm looking forward to these supposed cooler temps coming up and there is a rumor or rain. The hubby will be dove hunting and I hope to get to ride. Whatever you do I hope it's fantastic and I'll see you next week.


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