Grist Mill



On Lawrence Street which runs parallel to Jefferson Street (aka Main Street) in Macon you'll find the backside of the Main Street Buildings. This is where the owners/workers entrance is, where you park your car if you work at say Senter’s or City Drug. There are also several businesses back there. There are a couple of beauty shops, a seamstress shop, and this building which is a Grist Mill. 

A grist mill is of course where you would take your corn or wheat and have it ground into meal or grits, or flour. When I peeked into the window the interior was kind of dark and since I was doing this on a Sunday afternoon and there are people that live across the street and I'm right down the street from Macon Police Department I really didn't want to arouse any further suspicion than I was by taking the pictures. 

Again, if you have any knowledge of this building please feel free to share. 

I've got a horrible case of laryngitis right now and can only talk in a whisper. It kinda puts a kink in things when your job all day is basically to talk for 8 hours. I'm hoping I'm better tomorrow, but if not I'm enjoying knocking out some of this stuff that's on my desk. The weekend was lovely and hopefully I'll have a little post about it tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your evening my lovelies.


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