Wordless Wednesday - The Bank Bar Pheba, MS

The Bank Bar Pheba Mississippi Hickory Ridge Studio


  1. Does that mean it was originally the bank of Pheba?

  2. I believe so, I'm trying to remember. But I think it just sits where the old bank used to be. I'll have to check my "source" also known as my dad. ;)

    Also, the brick and foundation next door was where the old post office was. It was a huge frame building. I'm kicking myself for not getting pictures before it was torn down.

  3. Ok, so I have checked in and the bar is in fact located in the old bank building, hence the name. We in west Clay County are very original with our beer joint names.

    A.J.'s in Montpelier was named after A.J. and JR's was named after JR. The County Line Club sat on the Clay/Webster Line, and the only one with an original name was The Bloody Bucket and well decent folks just didn't go there. LOL. (removed the above post to edit for an egregious spelling error.)

  4. Let's try this again--earlier comment did not process, or else, I have lost my identity. I love the humor in the names--in Texas, the county line was the first beer joint once you crossed from a dry county to a wet county. Folks always knew you did not have to go far beyond your own county for a beer...or a case of beer in case you did not want to have to go back soon.

    I will have to check the map for Clay County/Webster County. Do they have any New Deal buildings? If so, that moves it up on the list for road trips. :)

  5. The only thing Pheba has that is really historical aside from the churches is an original agricultural high school. I have a post written up for it, and I hope to have it up next week. Webster county might have some New Deal buildings, I would have to check. I think Eupora has a New Deal post office. Oh and Macon's post office is a New Deal post office! I just figured that out the other day. I took pics of it for a blog post.


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