The Lady of Shallot

I love all things medieval.  I can vividly remember reading the adventures of King Arthur for the first time and being totally enthralled by the story.  Except for Guinevere, she's a hussy.

I can also remember the night in Books a Million I found a collection of work by J.W. Waterhouse.  The heavens opened and positively sang.  There I was, sitting in the floor, oblivious to everything around me but those beautiful paintings.  Of my favorite J.W. Waterhouse paintings is "The Lady of Shallot."

"The Lady of Shallot" J.W. Waterhouse 1888
Waterhouse was probably inspired by Alfred Lord Tennyson's "Lady of Shallot" as it was written in 1842. 
I edited a ton of pictures this weekend, so I will have something up tomorrow.  Until then, just google J.W. Waterhouse and be prepared to be blown away.  Happy Monday my lovelies! 
And if it isn't very happy, well fake it till you make it!



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