W.P. Chancellor & Sons Wholesale Grocers


Sometimes you just feel like using photoshop, you know? 

I still sound like I'm smoking unfiltered Pall Mall's and drinking Old Crow neat.  It's awful.  I have to be able to talk!  Not that I talk much, but it's pretty hard to do much when you can't. 

Maybe tonight I can get my dove hunting pics edited.  After coming home last night, washing two loads of clothes, feeding the baby, bathing the baby, and then getting her to try and go to sleep all I wanted to do was crash.  I felt yucky, my throat hurt, and all I wanted was a huge piece of pie.  I resisted, go me!

The picture above is from downtown Macon, MS.  Top floor has recently been renovated into apartments and I don't know what the plan for the bottom part is yet.  Maybe somebody knows.  I love the lettering on the building and want to take some better pictures before it's painted over.  You never know what's going to happen when they start renovating these downtown buildings. 

Happy Tuesday my lovelies!  Hopefully Mother Nature doesn't have you tied in knots like she does me.  I'm just ready for fall and cold weather to get here and stay here for a while.  It should not be 70 something degrees the end of October.  It just ain't right.   



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