Happy Halloween! Well....Sort of.....

It's that time of year again when little girls get to dress like princesses and ballerinas and twirl in delight at getting to wear a frothy, girly confection of an outfit.

Unless you're my kid. That's right; she's just as big a tomboy as I was at that age. Let me explain.

I had planned a few weeks ago to dress her up as a simple ballerina for the daycare Halloween activities: simple, straightforward, not too fussy, and easy to wear.  All mandatory when it comes to clothes for the Allie girl because frou-frou she is not.

So, I had some white onesies on hand from my mom, I purchased a couple of new pairs of tights (which she needed anyway), some tulle, and I had the elastic in my sewing stash. I made the tutu last night, laid out her clothes and went to bed satisfied I had picked out something that she would enjoy wearing.

Oh the plans of mice and mothers. After getting dressed I went and woke Allie up, put on the shirt, leggings, socks, and shoes, and then the tutu. She cried. She cried like I was dressing her in a tow-sack. She quieted for a minute, I put her down, she walked into the living room stood there for a minute, and promptly burst into tears throwing herself face down on the floor and screaming. I looked at my husband and said, "I guess I should have bought her overalls and a straw hat."

She did quiet down and off to daycare we went. She walked into her room and just looked around with a downcast eye as if to say, "I did NOT pick this out," and then turned an accusing look towards me. I took the picture above, kissed her head, and ran to work.

Allie is just Allie girl. She likes dirt and puppies and horses and apparently NOT tutus.


  1. Well, that is the cutest little "barely ballerina" I have ever seen. Hope she had a fun time at daycare festivities today!

  2. Frankly, I could never decide between Dale Evans or Roy Rogers...Miss Kitty, or Marshall Dillon...at least she knows her own mind.

  3. She really does. She's aready very opinionated and said "Stop It!" to one of our friends the other night that tried to take her sippy cup. I'm gonna have a wild child on my hands before it's all over with.


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