Stories of the South - Christmas in Cooksville

Cooksville Methodist Church Hickory Ridge Studio
Cooksville Methodist Church

Recently we started going to Cooksville Methodist Church which is a small church about 20 minutes out in the country.  Living in Macon we have several, several options of where we could go to church within just a few minutes from our house but several of our friends have invited us to come out there, and we finally went for the first time the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  I was not raised Methodist and neither was my husband but we've found out that it's not that much different from the Baptist and Presbyterian traditions that we were raised learning.  I love it, especially as it reminds me of the old country churches I grew up going to with my parents and grandparents.  I'll do a longer post on the church building itself another time, but this post is about the Christmas program.  

Why yes, I do believe that is the preacher playing a wiseman

This past Sunday before Christmas the children of the church, along with a little help from the Preacher, recreated the nativity scene and read the Christmas story to the congregation.  They all did a great job, even if one of the angels wandered off her mark....

The casting director should really have his casting choices questioned

Allie, the "wandering" angel

Our young adults read the Christmas story while the congregation sang along with favorite hymns.  Christmas hymns are my absolutely favorite.  It's the one time of year I get the crazy notion to do special music at church.  This year there was no time to get anything together, thankfully.

That evening was our Christmas party, the manger story was told again, gifts were exchanged, and of course there was food.  Lots and lots of really good food.  It was the first church Christmas we have been to in several years and it was just what we needed.  We even went and took communion Christmas Eve (after the disaster of an entire gallon of spilled RED fruit punch).  I've never done that before and getting to do it as a family was a special memory for all of us.  We all feel so welcome at Cooksville and we are so glad we are going.  Thank you all for welcoming us into your church family and making us feel like we've always gone there. 

I'm at work today my chickens, them's the breaks sometimes.  My darecare is closed so Allie bug is with her PawPaw and MawMaw and probably having a blast chasing the dog and terrorizing the cats.  I'm thankful that mom and dad are able to keep her for me and get some more time to spoil her rotten. 

Yesterday afternoon I ran out to feed the horses before it got dark and got some absolutely beautiful sunset pictures.  I can't wait to share them with you.  Yesterday really was a wonderful day; I hope yours was wonderful too. 

Until tomorrow my lovelies! 


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