Deep Breath in, deep breath out...

If you follow me on Instagram  you've already seen this picture

Christmas arriving only three weeks after Thanksgiving this year has really put a hitch in my giddy up.  I'm one of those people that cannot get in the Christmas spirit until after Thanksgiving.  No decorating, no cooking, and definitely no shopping.  I hate shopping on the best of days and Christmas shopping is the worst. 

So, while I have been busy buying some stuff here and there I find myself yet again behind and bedraggled. 

I finally got my Christmas cards done.  Not a photo Christmas card this year, but there's always next year.  My computer being out of commission put me behind, but it's OK.  There is such pressure put on us moms every year to engineer the perfect photo card now that I absolutely feel like a rebel not doing a photo card.  I even handwrote something in every card.  Absolutely Victorian if you ask me. 

I have not made any ornaments this year.  Yet. 

I have not made one Christmas present which is pretty unprecedented for me.  I have something I'm going to make this weekend, I hope, and that will probably be it.  I'm actually more upset about this than anything.  Maybe it was that week I spent watching the NFR....nah.....

I have not made any Christmas treats yet other than a couple of cheese balls.  That's it.  Not a cake, not a pie, not one single cookie.  Simply depressing.  This might be best for my waistline, but who cares?  It's Christmas!

What have I done?  My tree is up and my mantle is decorated.  I have purchased several of my presents and hopefully will finish up today.  I sat down last night and wrapped presents until midnight because that's just how I get things done now a days.  Get the baby to sleep and then get to work. 

I think I'm just like a lot of people this time of year.  We've been hearing about Christmas since before Halloween and are just D O N E.  All the rushing, all the buy Buy BUY! kinda takes the fun out of the holiday. 

So, here's my plan.  From here on out I don't stress.  I get done what I can.  What I can't, it will be okay.  I'm going to focus on my family because it's not about the darn presents and food anyway.  I can make you a cake anytime of the year.  But this time we spend with family can never be duplicated and as corny as it is, when you have a little bitty underfoot it reminds you every day that it's not what you do or what you buy it's the time spent that makes it special. 

Because honestly she could care less what's in the box, just make sure it's wrapped with paper she can tear off and it's big enough she can climb in it later. 

My weekend plans?  A little bit more light shopping.  A little bit more wrapping.  A little bit of cooking, and then a big ole glass of something wonderful.

And this one from Instagram too!

Happy Thursday my lovelies! 



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