Stories of the South - Episcopal Church of the Ascension Brooksville, MS


For such a small town Brooksville, MS sure has a lot of churches. Then again most small Mississippi towns seem to have more churches than they have people. This is the Episcopal Church in Brooksville, the Church of the Ascension. Ground was broken for the church on 04/21/1911 and it was consecrated on Ascension Day 05/17/1912.
I didn't grow up knowing any Episcopalians, not that there weren't Episcopal churches in my area, I just didn't know any. Since marrying my husband though I have gotten to know more abou the faith having been to weddings, funerals, and now a baptismal service in the Episcopal church. Episcopal church services are very formal, there is some chanting/singing, kneeling, standing, and it seems every service I go to we take communion. It somewhat reminds me of a Catholic service. It's always very beautiful, the hymns are lovely, and every service requires response from the congregation. There's no getting on the back row and going to sleep for sure. (And yes Baptist I'm looking at you.) I'm usually lost as a goose, but thankfully there's usually a program and I do my best to follow along and not look completely at a loss.
It's a grey day today here in Mississippi. Yesterday it was 80 and today we've reached our high of 44 and they are projecting a low in the 20s with lots more rain, lots more cold, and I see lots of working in my house this weekend ahead of me. I need to get the tree up and wrap the few presents that I've purchased.
Have a great day my lovelies! I hope to return next week with a few new recipes and just so you know.....
After a several year hiatus I'm getting ready to reopen my Etsy store! I'll let you know when I have it all stocked and ready. Happy Friday!


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