Fall Corn

I took a bunch of pictures last fall, dumped them on my computer, and then promptly forgot about them.  That happens to me sometimes.  I go off for the afternoon, take a couple of hundred pics, and then tell myself I'll look at them later.  Later never comes, I move onto something else, and well you end up with fall pictures getting edited in the late spring.  Unexcusable, I've got to get better. 

Anyway, these pictures.  I did a series in college over several semesters about farming in northeast Mississippi.  I grew up on a farm, I knew a bunch of farmers, it was something I was interested in, and no one else in the department was doing anything remotely like it.  I loved it and have continued to add to my collection of farm imagery over time.  Noxubee county is well known in the state for its agriculture.  It's located smack dab in the middle of the black prairie that extends from north east Mississippi down the eastern side of the state and on into Alabama.  It's rich black soil is the primary economic base of the county. 

Map of Mississippi Black Belt Hickory Ridge Studio
Wheat, cotton, corn, soybeans, and of course cotton are grown, there's also beef cattle, daries, chickens, catfish, and hay.  (If I've left something out, I apologize.)
Corn 2012 Hwy 388 Hickory Ridge Studio
Riding out to the farm where my horses are I get to see the progression of the crops every day.  I love to watch the straight rows of corn and soybeans spring up every year, and see the blooms on the cotton.  So, you can imagine I ride around with my camera constantly. 
I took these pictures along with some other back in August.  This corn was right before being harvested. 
Corn 2012 Hwy 388 Hickory Ridge Studio
Hope you are having a wonderful week my lovelies!


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