New Bethel Church

Another one of my favorite things on Hwy 388 in Noxubee county is the sign for New Bethel Church. 

New Bethel Church Hickory Ridge Studio

I would love to know what enterprising soul was clever enough to build a miniature of the church to use as a sign.  I love it.  Turn beside it onto Stevenson Road, drive a little ways, and you'll find a beautiful white frame church. 

New Bethel Church Hickory Ridge Studio

I wish I knew more about it and would love to go inside.  They were still holding services up until a few years ago, but I don't think they are anymore.  It's amazing where this church is located.  The road down to it is gravel and there's nothing around it but soybean fields and woods.  Yet here it sits a tranquilperfectly kept little building.  Maybe I can slip inside one day. 

It's a little rainy in our part of the world today but that's okay.  Hope you have some sunshine where you are and have a wonderful Friday my lovelies!

*UPDATE*  My lovely hubby has informed me that Moe King built the sign for the church.  It's built out of Vinyl fencing so we should be able to enjoy it for many years to come.  Thanks for the info!


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