Helping Plant Tomatoes Hickory Ridge Studio

It's tomato planting time!  It's actually past tomato planting time, but who's keeping track?  This year I decided to do something different.  I put newspaper around my tomatoes before I caged them.

Tomatoes 2013 Hickory Ridge Studio

Why? Natural weed killer. I've been reading up on different sites about how people are killing weeds with newspaper and it actually makes pretty good sense, and it's cheap. I'm all over a cheap gardening solution. The newspaper smothers out the weed, kills it, and then biodegrades back into the ground. I'm probably going to mulch over this with old hay just to make sure. Normally I just keep the bed weeded, but this year I thought I would try something different. It also is supposed to help with moisture control and keep the bed from drying out too much. Right now it's working pretty good, but we'll see how it fares against the Johnson grass of doom (tm) that grows on this place.

Tomatoes 2013 Hickory Ridge Studio

I planted Atkinson, Marion, and German Queens, all heirloom tomatoes and one hybrid grape tomato plant.  We are honestly about a month behind unless these things come on like game busters.  That is what the tomato house in Macon is for anyway.   

Until next time my lovelies have a wonderful day!  


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