Lifelong love....

There have always been horses in my life.  My dad always had one around and I fell in love at an early age.  I can still remember the night I decided I wanted to barrel race.  Lori Hughes ran at the Mosley Rodeo in Houston, MS as an exhibition. I was 7 years old and she was younger than me!  I told myself, that's going to be me someday.  About a year later I started running in that pen and ran there hundreds of times growing up.  I'd still rather ride a horse than do anything else, and treasure the time I've spent with my parents as we traveled up and down the roads going to barrel races, rodeos, and horse shows. 

I still ride now, not at the level I once was, but maybe again someday.    

Leo Barrel Racing Hickory Ridge Studio
Joker Barrel Racing Hickory Ridge Studio
Casino Barrel Racing Hickory Ridge Studio

I'm always amazed at the multitude of weird faces that I make when I run.  Have a beautiful day my lovelies! 


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