Polaroid Transfers

Pepper Mountain Webster County MS Hickory Ridge Studio

Webster county cotton Hickory Ridge Studio

Lonesome tree hickory ridge studio
I was lucky enough in college to have a professor that was all about alternative processes in photography.  If you wanted to try it she was game.  I think though that one of her favorite things was Polaroid photography.   I was in one of her alternative process classes and got to do several Polaroid transferes and lifts.  This had to be done with the peel apart film, which of course is sadly no longer made and costs a fortune if you find it on ebay.  To make these lifts you either took a photo with a polaroid back on a carmera, or like we did with a special Polaroid Day Lab that used slides.  Meaning first we had to have slides of something, then we had to make these prints.  I won't go into the whole process, but if you're really curious read about it here.  These prints are small only 4x5 but oh so beautiful. 
The top picture is taken at my great-grandparents place in Webster county overlooking the canal facing Pepper Mountain (yes, I know we don't have mountains in Mississippi it's just a big hill, but that's what my family calls it.  And it is a really big hill.) 
The middle picture is of cotton fields in Webster county.  I love the color of the sky and the imperfections around the edges.
The last was using a borrowed slide at the SPE conference in Lousiana. 
I have some more of these transfers and some lifts, would you like to see?   
Until next time my lovelies, have a great day!


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