Summer Break

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I normally take the month of July off from riding. I started this back when I was in high school, just about had heat stroke at a 4th of July barrel race in Alabama and that's when I said that's it, no more for me.  It's too darn hot and humid and since I have not been able to ride much this summer due to issues with lameness I've been fighting, they are just not in shape enough to stress with riding in the kind of heat we've been having. So I feed, keep a check on feet, spray for ticks and flies, and wait for cooler weather.

I may not be able to ride much, but at least I still have this. I whistle, wait a minute, and before I know it I hear the sound of hoof beats, and here they come. Leo is the oldest of my crew and he's always first to the feed bucket. I never have to worry about him not coming up to eat.

The last horse in these pictures does not belong to me, he's owned by the man I rent my pasture from. He is probably about 18 or 19 I think and is a funny boy. I've never ridden him and no one seems to know the last time he was ridden. He still likes to eat though, get his back scratched, and his face rubbed.

We'll be headed out of town this weekend, but maybe, just maybe I can get a little riding in next week. I'd love to hit some barrel races this fall and to do that we've all got to get back in shape.

Hope you are having a great day my lovelies, until next time!



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