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I've fallen headfirst down the piano rabbit hole I'm afraid.  I've been playing quite a bit now that I have my keyboard set up at home and there have definitely been some quality late night sessions with my classical books as well as hymns.  I actually am trying to expand my repertoire and learn some new music.  The first thing I have learned in a long time was this, the Doxology also known as the "Old 100th.".  This is a simplified arrangement of this hymn and yet still right outside my comfort zone.  I was so pleased to have figured it out in a week and then I tried to play it for church.

Let's just say it was not good.  A certain little curly haired girl ran up to the piano, pulled my arm and therefore my hands away from the keys and I couldn't figure out how to dive right back in and so I just sat there.  I was thoroughly disappointed with myself.  I had played it the morning before several times and had even made the special effort to go to the church and play on the piano there.

No every piano is not the same.  They all have their little quirks.

I have a fair bit of social anxiety and do a good job of dealing with it but I didn't that Sunday.  Maybe I can play an offertory piece of music here or there and hopefully build back my nerve but I saw that day it was thoroughly gone.  I was so nervous I was shaking.

Darn anxiety.  Darn nerves.

So I'll share this quick video of me actually successfully playing the piece by myself in an empty church and hope for better days.

Happy Tuesday my lovelies!  


  1. The "old 100th" has to be the most difficult piece of music every composed! That and the Gloria Patri which are both standard fare for a traditional church service.

  2. I personally love this--for a lot of reasons. You can play at all! It immediately makes me sing the song that I sang all my life. Hearing your daughter laugh made me smile: "suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not." The church where R and I went in Tx was a place where even folks who could not sing, who choked in front of the congregation, were supported and loved and nurtured through. I hope that is where you are. It's your heart that matters.

  3. Thank you both. The church we are attending now is definitely a nurturing place. Many, many people made a point to let me know I had done a good job and that it was more than they could have done. Our preacher was very sweet and let me know like you said it was my heart and the fact that I tried that was important. I've always struggled more playing the piano in front of people more than singing. Why? Who knows. Even though my first outing was a little unsuccessful I'll hopefully have the confidence to try again.

  4. it's beautiful! personally, i don't think a song needs to have a huge complicated arrangement to make it powerful. sometimes the seemingly simpler and quieter things speak to us louder. i'm sorry that your piece ended up not going well, and i know this sounds lame, but those things happen. i'm so glad you're able to laugh it off and move on. awesome job, keep it up.

    1. Thanks Abigail, and what you said was not lame. I'm enjoying getting back to my music, even if it's late at night!


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