The Living New Deal

I've talked about our Post Office here in Macon before and the fact that that the construction was funded by New Deal dollars.  I was curious what other buildings we have in Macon that might have been funded by the new deal especially as Suzassippi talks about the ones she has found quite often.

I jumped on The Living New Deal the other day and was surprised to find there were three other New Deal buildings!  I'll have to get some pictures of those as time allows as they are all still standing.  I was urged by Suzassippi to submit my photos to them way back when and finally did the other day.  You can see them HERE.

The Living New Deal is a pretty neat site and you might want to take a look to see if there are any of the sites in your area that don't have pictures.


  1. this is cool! love interesting history stuff like this. i know there are some lakes and little stopping points here in Kansas that were built by the WPA, and some of their lodging cabins and the like are still left over. just can't get enough of that stuff.

  2. I've been submitting sites and it is so much fun! The best part is when you stumble across a marker, either intentionally or accidentally! Little did those people know that they were giving us a slice of our heritage!

  3. Good work--now go find some more of them; we have a lot of documentation still undone. :)


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