Sunflower Award!

The very sweet Abigail over at Sweeter Gets the Journey nominated me for the Sunflower Award.  

Thank you Abigail!  

Abigail is from Kansas and takes the most wonderful sunset photographs.  She plays the banjo beautifully, go takes a look at her blog you'll be glad you did.  Did I mention she has the absolutely cutest dog ever?  Go if for nothing else than the dog pictures.  

Questions asked by Sweeter Gets the Journey

Name one unassuming thing that makes you happy
Probably just sitting and listening to my horses eat.  It's the best sound in the entire world.  

What would you do with a billion dollars?
I have a couple of people and organizations in mind that I would like to donate some money to.  I would pay off all my and my husband's debt (which isn't much thank goodness.) Pay off my parent's debt.  Set aside money for my daughter's college education.  Buy a farm.  Buy a new horse trailer.  Travel to a few places I've always wanted to go.  Invest the rest and live off the interest. :)  I'm such a boring adult.  

When is your favorite time of the day and why?
Dusk.  The chores are done, supper's cooking, the air cools down, and everything gets quiet and still.  

What one word do you feel best describes your blog?

What is your favorite season of the year and why?
I love the fall.  Last cutting of hay, the break in the summer heat and humidity, last of the garden, and the promise of winter and cool rainy days!

If you could leave tomorrow and not be back for a week (monetary, job, responsibilities and pet/animal restrictions aside) where would you go?
Money's not an object and no responsibilities?  Can I go several places?  I'd like to go to California and see some family there, then down to Mexico to see another cousin, South America to see the Mayan ruins, over to England, Scotland, and Wales to see where I came from, and then on to southern France to ride a Camargue pony on the beach, and finally Spain and Portugal to ride an Andalusian and a Lusitano.  You might want to let me stay gone a month instead of a week!

Do you play any instruments? If so, what? if not, what would you like to play?
I play the piano on an early intermediate level and I am trying to learn how to play the guitar.  

Have you ever been in Kansas?
No, but my husband went there pheasant hunting this winter and it's all I heard about.  If it's half as good as he says it is I'm ready to go tomorrow.  

What do you do when you're feeling sad?
I get busy.  I either listen to music, play the piano, read a book, cook, or sew. If I sit around that makes it ten times worse.  

Thanks again Abigail!


  1. oh wow, thank you for the great compliments! that was certainly a pleasant surprise.
    love your answer to the first question. i've always longed that deep down longing for an equine friend of my own, and can only imagine how special that is for you.
    it also sounds like you've got quite the trip planned! sometimes it's almost painful for me to answer these questions, because i plan out what i'd do with a lot of money or free time, only to know it probably could never be. here's hoping!

    1. You're welcome! No matter how old I get that puff of breath, the knowing eyes, and even all the trial and tribulations that come with horses I still find myself loving them just like I did when I was little.

      Dream big girl. I never thought I see a lot of the things I've seen but I have. Mayan ruins on the cliffs of Mexico, the sun rising over the mountains of Arkansas, miles of fence and miles of horses in Kentucky, and the desert of west Texas. You've got plenty of time and though I'll never see everything I want to see I still get to dream. Maybe one day I'll get on that plane for Europe, maybe not, but I still read and dream and hope. :)


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